2 thoughts on “Retro review: This – That and The Other! (1969) Stanley Long (aka A Promise Of Bed)

  1. Just came across your blog, thanks for the review. I just rewatched the "Other" portion of this movie, reconfirming my love for Cleo "Hands Girl" Goldstein. (It's movies like this that make me thankful I have a region-free DVD player, as it was never released in the US.) It blows my mind that Goldstein was never in another movie. If I had a time machine and some money I'd spin her out as the star of a slew of swanky softcore films!! I wonder what her story is, and what became of her?

  2. i only discovered the incredible vanda hudson after seeing this film a week ago. she seems to have only done sporadic tiny roles here and there. what a waste. what a prescence.

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