Highgate Cemetery part three

So here’s another batch of headstones from the wonderful Highgate Cemetery.This time I’m going to move my atttention to the older, West side, all the previous ones were in the East side, which after you’ve paid your entry fee (again, this goes to the charity that runs the cemetery for upkeep, etc.. so really is… Continue reading Highgate Cemetery part three

Highgate Cemetery part two

Continuing my look at some of the wonderful graves at Highgate Cemetery. Again, I’m going to highlight some of the notable names buried there, and then I’ll move on to some of the beautiful angels and monuments. Here’s the grave some people wanted to see during the 80’s … Jeremy Beadles. It was actually quite… Continue reading Highgate Cemetery part two

Highgate Cemetery

I live in Manchester, the City of Salford to be precise, Ewan MacColl’s Dirty Old Town. I do, however, make many trips down to the big smoke… London. One of my passions is photography, so you may well see some examples of that pop up now and again. Now, while in London I try whenever… Continue reading Highgate Cemetery